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A contiguous part of the physical world that contains or can contain sub-spaces. E.g., a Region can contain many Sites, which in turn can contain many Buildings.

Display name: Space
DTMI: dtmi:org:w3id:rec:Space;1

Child interfaces


Name Display name Description Multiplicity Target Properties Writable
geometry en: geometry en: Polygon representing the spatial extent of this Space. 0-1 Geometry   True
georeference en: georeference en: A georeference creates a relationship between the local coordinate system used within a building (e.g., measured in meters) and a geographic coordinate system (e.g., lat, long, alt), such that locally placed Spaces can be resolved and rendered in that geographic coordinate system (e.g., for mapping purposes). 0-1 Georeference   True
hasPart en: has part   0-Infinity Space   True
isLocationOf en: is location of   0-Infinity     True
isPartOf en: is part of   0-1 Space   True


Name Display name Description Schema Writable
customProperties en: Custom Properties   map (string->map (string->string)) True
customTags en: Custom Tags   map (string->boolean) True
identifiers en: Identifiers   map (string->string) True
name en: name   string True

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